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Edge trading managers have gained years of experience working with many different companies, so they are familiar with problems retailers face. They have also delivered proven solutions to these problems achieving great results and can do the same for your business.

Sounds familiar?

  • Ecommerce channel lacks ownership or direction — what do we do next?
  • Want to grow sales but not sure how
  • Ecommerce sales are flat or in decline
  • Your site has low Conversion Rates
  • Performance metrics/KPIs aren’t visible or understood
  • Your paid marketing is delivering a low return on investment
  • Lack of customer retention or low repeat rates
  • One or more marketing channels are underperforming
  • Your internal team lacks senior experience/know-how

Edge can help

  • Increase Sales & Profits
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Improve Customer Retention & Repeat Rates
  • Increase return on investment from marketing spend
  • Implement relevant, measurable & specific KPIs
  • Processes that continually monitor performance
  • Provide actionable insights
  • Improve internal team performance
  • Knowledge and expertise transferral
  • Ownership and deeper understanding of the ecommerce channel

Key services

Ecommerce Audit

360°performance audit complete with channel insights, improvement recommendations and practical next-steps for growth.

Ecommerce Projects

Site re-design/re-platform projects; customer retention projects; email marketing & automation sequences; performance analysis, troubleshooting & more.

Ecommerce Growth

Optimise the ROI in your ecommerce channels with a growth roadmap that sets out improvements to your site and customer proposition that will quickly increase sales.

A growth roadmap is designed to provide an almost immediate return on investment with a list of prioritised recommendations to enable online sales growth. It can include an assessment of various areas of your business – such as digital marketing and SEO, site experience, service proposition, product, merchandising and omnichannel experience – depending on your known pain points.

We assess the blockers to driving more customers into and along your sales funnel. Simultaneously, we will work with you to understand the current limitations of your business, so our recommendations are realistic and can be actioned quickly. Ideally, we work with your business to help implement those changes and demonstrate the value of working with us.

Within the roadmap, we can also include longer-term recommendations that assume more flexibility to make changes to infrastructure, organisational structures, people and processes.

Interim ecommerce resource

Retailers understand the right skills and knowledge are critical to their ability to deliver on growth plans. However, sourcing this talent can be very difficult, so Edge can provide interim cover for a number of client roles. Our staff can act as Chief Digital Officer, Multichannel or Ecommerce Director, Head of Ecommerce or Digital Marketing as well as cover more junior marketing, trading, merchandising or project management roles.

You may need interim digital and ecommerce resourcing issues for a variety of reasons:

  • to bridge the gap when recruiting a permanent resource
  • need for specialist skills for a certain project

Edge can provide this on a full or part-time basis, with our staff working wherever you need them to be. Working with Edge means you have the reassurance that team are used to working in retail ecommerce and multichannel departments, and fully understand the challenges of your business. You also get the benefit of being able to access our wider business, on demand.

Customer experience

We provide customer experience analysis to help you deliver a seamless online and offline offering.

Retailers are always conscious of the experience they provide to customers and it is important to offer a seamless journey across multiple channels and devices.

Our customer experience review provides you with an end-to-end audit of the website and omnichannel experience, focussing on mobile, desktop and stores. We use a rigorous checklist to evaluate sub-sections of the customer experience, scoring and benchmarking each criterion. These include brand and identity, navigation, omnichannel performance, product selection and merchandising, checkout process, and site speed.

We have a wealth of tools at our disposal to carry out a thorough audit of your site, including user testing, questionnaires and heatmapping. Based on the results of the audit, we provide you with a series of recommendations to boost growth. These are outlined in a prioritised roadmap that focuses on the impact, effort and cost of implementing changes.

We can also develop prototypes and produce wireframes to bring UX recommendations to life ahead of the redesign and implementation phase.

Areas of expertise

Ecommerce & Digital Strategy

  • Performance Analysis, Troubleshooting & KPIs
  • Customer Insights & Behaviours
  • Revenue Forecasts and P&L
  • Ecommerce Technology & Integrations

Team Development

  • Team Development & Mentoring
  • Resourcing, Management & Performance
  • Marketing Campaign Planning & Execution
  • External Agency Management

Customer Conversion

  • Design & Customer Journey
  • Funnel & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Optimised Checkout & Cart Recovery
  • Behaviour Automation (exit intent etc.)

Customer Retention

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Personalisation & Automation Flows
  • Advanced Email Retention Strategy
  • Referral & Advocacy

Email Marketing & Automation

  • Welcome & Onboarding Sequences
  • Segmentation
  • Broadcast & Transactional Campaigns
  • Automation & Lifecycle Marketing

Online Subscription

  • Subscription Business Model
  • Subscription Performance KPIs (activation, churn)
  • Subscription Platform & Technology
  • Customer Acquisition


Conversion Rate 
increase in 8 weeks

Email Revenue
increase in 12 months

Customer Repeat Rate
increase in 12 months

increase in 3 years

Organic search order volume
increase in 9 months

Conversion Rate
increase in 6 months


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